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Does Weed Make Sex Better? Porn Stars Weigh In

Now that marijuana is becoming decriminalized and even legalized across America, discussions about sex and weed have become more prevalent. In a new WoodRocket video, porn stars answer the age old question: Does marijuana make sex better? What about alcohol?

According to a recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, drunk sex is associated with decreased sexual inhibitions and increased sexual regret. Physical sensations can feel dulled, and sessions can be sloppy and clumsy. (File that under obvious.)

Stoned sex, on the other hand, correlates with increased sensitivity and more intense orgasms. The downsides, according to researchers and weed smokers alike, can be increased paranoia and vaginal dryness — despite the fact that weed lube is actually a thing. The final sweet news in the study for Mary Jane lovers everywhere is that weed sex tends to be between folks who know each other, and is often used to bring them even closer in a smoky, intimate paradise.

So what do porn stars have to say on the subject? Just like the rest of us, some get down with ganja, while others keep it on the straight and narrow. Of those who toke, these are marijuana’s sexual benefits and drawbacks:

1. It Relaxes You

Weed helps folks relax and get into the mood, and it makes some guys extra horny, Trillium notes.

2. There’s Heightened Sensitivity

April O’Neil is a fan of smoking and sexing because marijuana can inspire a level of “open-mindedness” and increased sensitivity.

3. It Dries You Out

As an avid smoker, August Ames describes one tiny drawback of weed and sex: cotton mouth. If she wants a BJ to happen, coconut oil is a must. (The same goes for vaginal dryness, too.)

4. It Depends On The Kind Of Weed You’re Smoking

Sativa, which produces a kind of energized, alert high, is in Kenzie Taylor’s opinion the kind of weed that’s best for sex. Indica, on the other hand, might make you a little too chill to perform properly.

5. It Might Tire You Out After

If you like to take a snooze after a session, then marijuana is probably going to add a lot to your sexperience, says Marley Brinx, because it can definitely make you sleepy post-pounce.